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Who we are

Behind The Beard

The name is James Detwiler aka(Bear or The Bearded Guy) graciously given to me by my girlfriend and her girls when we first met and it stuck. The company is based out of a small town in south eastern Pa. I've been rocking some type of facial hear my entire life but was never really into products until I started growing the mane. Over the past 5 years I've tried numerous products from local mom and pop shops to the leading cosmetic brands and never really found anything I truly liked. In January 2021 my dream of owning and running my own grooming company had arrived.  I love the beard culture and its time to give back.


Our Mission

From BIG to small Tame them all

Bare Complete is here to help you regain your confidence. Being a family owned business that has always been taught to give back. We are here to provide you not only with a great line of products but with outstanding customer service and support. When you join Bare Complete you become part of the family. With the right product and right care we will help you bring back that fire you need to push through. And you'll smell good too.

Using Face Oil
Barber Tools
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